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We LOVE the band wallows so we had a shot at giving their newest single "ok" a review!

Wallows dust of the cobwebs and arrive at new musical territory with new single “OK”


LA-based three-piece wallows release their first single since the launch of their acclaimed debut album “Nothing Ever Happens”. Wallows gained huge momentum from this album receiving millions upon millions of streams and selling out massive tours further cementing themselves as a titular band in an ever-growing ocean of indie. 


Wallows have proven time and time again that they can consistently release brilliantly crafted indie-pop to a high standard and new single “OK” is definitely that and much more. 


“OK” feels like a departure from previous work and acts almost like a door into brand new territory for the band while still keeping the parts that make Wallows who they are, catchy and fun. The song is a more grown-up and mature approach than other tracks talking about insecurities and accepting the love that you're given. The songs hook “Can we get up and try to feel okay again?” shows this but also with the current state of the world and the coronavirus it takes on a new meaning and purpose so people can connect with it in different ways. 


Wallows really show their flair and diversity with the bridge of the song. The part is almost spoken like a poem with the lyrics falling effortlessly after each other while the vocal is pitch-shifted up and woven perfectly with effects to make it feel nothing short of fun.


This is just a taste of what wallows have to offer in 2020 and to turn a blind eye would be a sin, they may not have re-invented the wheel completely but they have definitely made it look good! 

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